Thursday, December 9, 2021

Story of Aerowanderer

Aerowanderer was created by V.Arvind Krishna in May 2019 in Chennai, India. Here we are led by our Chief Executive creator V.Arvind Krishna. We are passionate about aviation and everything related to it and want to be able to provide with the best in aviation photography, blogs, news and be the go to place in terms of aviation on a global scale.

CEC of Aerowanderer

“I’ve always been passionate about aviation since childhood, Aerowanderer is a product of my passion for aviation and love of photography”

V.Arvind Krishna had first stepped inside an aircraft when barely a year old. Since then the taste and joys of flying have stayed with him. Here at Aerowanderer, we want to share with you the same passion, feeling and joy we have towards aviation.

Our Philosophy

The only way to do great work is to love what you do

-Steve Jobs

At Aerowanderer we believe aircraft is the epitome of man’s creation throughout history. Our philosophy lies around the belief that aviation photography and blogging about it, is a connection you portray between humans, nature and an object that works in tandem between the two.

We also believe every picture has a story to tell and a story behind it. Be it day or night, rain or sun, we are here to do great work and show you all the best of aviation in pictures, videos and blogs.