Air Tahiti Nui to operate the world’s longest flight

Air Tahiti Nui B787-9

Air Tahiti is an airline based in the French Polynesia and is based in Papeete. It operates to 4 destination in Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo and Auckland from its base at Papeete using vastest B787-9 Dreamliner . On the 13th of March it had announced in a statement that it would be operating the world’s longest flight from Papeete to Paris Charles De Gaulle.

How does it operate the world’s longest flight ?

Owing to the US ban on European travel Air Tahiti was forced to reschedule its scheduled flight operating from Papeete to Paris with a stopover in Los Angeles. Air Tahiti Nui in a statement said it would be operating the Papeete to Los Angeles leg as scheduled but would operate flights to Paris with modifications.

Air Tahiti Nui Dremliner Logo

This route between Papeete and Paris will be flown by a B787-9 register as F-OTOA.                Photo: Air Tahiti Nui

On the March 15th it said in a statement that it would operate Papeete to Paris Charles De Gaulle non-stop with the flight set to cover around 9,765 miles or 15,715 kilometers and take a time of around 16:30 hours. As per schedule it is set to depart Papeete at 03:00 am on Sunday and arrive in Paris on Monday morning 06:30 am. This flight would be operated by a B787-9 registered as F-OTOA. This would also be considered a domestic flight as French polynesia is part of France.

This would surpass the current record held by Singapore Airlines by covering 9,534 miles from Singapore to Newark and Qantas by covering 9,009 from Perth to London.

During the rest of the schedule Air Tahiti Nui would be making stopovers as Vancouver, Canada and Pointe-a-Pitre in Guadeloupe. This schedule would be operated until March 19th.

Why is there no stopover at Los Angeles ?

Owing to the current Ban on European travel by the states, it prevents any European passenger who come under the ban to travel or even transit at any American airport as, as per American regulations the passenger would have to clear customs even if the passenger is using the airport for transit.



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