Lufthansa uses A330 for cargo services

Lufthansa A330

Lufthansa is currently on the path of storing around 700 aircrafts of its 763 strong fleet which accounts to about 90% of their fleet and has cut down most of its routes. It has announced a new relief flight schedule which will be effective until the 19th of April.

Lufthansa Cargo, meanwhile is continuing its operation and was considering the possibility of using passenger aircrafts of Lufthansa for cargo purposes which was made a reality as it had recently used a passenger A330 to transport Cargo.

A330 for cargo purposes

Airlines worldwide are now using passenger aircrafts for transportation of Cargo. Lufthansa had used an A330-300 aircraft on a special mission to transport cargo to Shanghai and back.

On the Frankfurt to Shanghai leg it transported 19 tonnes of cargo which was offloaded on arrival and around 30 tonnes of special cargo, medical equipment and protective equipment was loaded and was flown back to Frankfurt.

Lufthansa A330

Cargo being stowed on passenger seats and overhead bins in addition to the cargo at the belly. Photo: Lufthansa

One might not understand how a passenger aircraft can act as a cargo plane as there are no seats in a cargo plane but to fit as much cargo as possible, the freight was stowed on the seat, overhead bins in addition to the cargo held up in the belly of the aircraft.

Flight details

The aircraft used was an A330-300 registered as D-AIKI.

Lufthansa A330-300 D-AIKI

Lufthansa used its A330-300 registered as D-AIKI to transport cargo from China to Frankfurt. Photo: Lufthansa

It departed from Frankfurt at 18:00 on the 23d as LH728 and arrived in Shanghai at 11:55 the next day on the 24th. The following day it departed back to Frankfurt from Shanghai as LH729 and arrived at base after completing its 11 hour flight at 14:15 carrying all essential cargo.

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