Lufthansa set to store its A340-600 fleet

Lufthansa set to store its A340-600 fleet

Lufthansa set to store its A340-600 fleet. The airline in an announcement said the move will take effect immediately in the next few weeks.. The airline operates a total of 17 aircraft of the type.

These were used for long-haul routes from its hub at Frankfurt and Munich. This comes a week after the airline had laid out plans to restructure its fleet due to the impact of coronavirus which has dealt a massive blow to the travel industry.

Storage of A340-600

Lufthansa to temporarily store its A340-600 aircraft. The airline has 17 in operation with the airline operating mainly out of Frankfurt and Munich to a variety of destinations in New-York JFK, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Boston, Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Detroit , Beijing and other long-haul destinations.

Lufthansa A340-600 aircraft is being sent for storage.
Lufthansa has sent 3xA340-600 aircraft to Teruel for storage. Photo: Teruel Airport

Initially a week back the airline had said it would decommission 7 out of its 17 strong fleet as part of its restructuring plan. Currently all of its A340-600 aircraft is stored while 3 of them have been stored in Teruel.

The aircraft registered as D-AIHC, D-AIHE and D-AIHF have been stored in the Spanish storage base. Lufthansa has announced it would be storing all its aircraft in Teruel.

Lufthansa set to store its A340-600 fleet
Lufthansa ist to decommission all its A340-600 aircraft in the next 2-3 months. Photo: Lufthansa

These aircraft will be decommissioned in about 2-3 months. The airline has also said these will not be operating for the next one to one and a half years and the decision to operate them in the future will be taken at a later stage.


Where is Teruel ?

Teruel is a small Spanish town in the north east of Spain. The airport located there does not have a passenger terminal or commercial operations. Teruel serves as an aircraft storage base. The airport opened in 2013 with a storage capacity for around 250 aircraft, the largest in Europe.

Lufthansa as stored 3 of its A340-600 aircraft in Teruel.

The airport serves aircraft of airlines throughout the globe that have been taken out of service or needs to be stored for a while such as what Lufthansa is doing for its A340-600 fleet. Teruel was in the news recently for storing British Airways B747 fleet.


Lufthansa A340-600

Lufthansa currently has a fleet of 17xA340-600 aircraft. The aircraft is the second largest passenger aircraft after the B747-8. It has a range of 12,200km and Lufthansa has configured its aircraft to house 306 passengers.

Lufthansa A430-600 D-AIHD
Lufthansa has 17xA340-600 aircraft which operate long-haul routes from its hub at Frankfurt and Munich. Photo: Airbus

The airline has currently stored all its 17 aircraft with 3 of them in Teruel. It had previously stored 4 aircraft and had scarped 3 of them. Lufthansa was delivered its first A340-600 registered as D-AIHB in November 2003 with its last to be delivered in May 2009.



Lufthansa has adopted measures which is set to minimise the effect of coronavirus on the travel and aviation industry. One of them is to rapidly store and decommission its older aircraft which have more maintenance and overhead cost.

The airline is expected to store or decommission several of its wide bodies such as A380, B747 and now the A340-600 in order to minimise the economic impact on the airline.

Though these measure seem necessary and are the need of the hour its is saddening to see older aircraft being phased out at such an early stage of their life.

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