Jet2 flights turn Mid-Air en route Spain

Jet2 B737-800

Jet2 is a popular low cost airline offering scheduled and charter flights from UK. It has a fleet size of 111 aircrafts and serves 82 destinations. It is the third biggest airline in the UK behind Easyjet and British Airways. On light of Spain being the second worst hit country in Europe behind Italy, Jet2 had its flights returned to Spain after turning around Mid-Air.

Flights turned mid air and returned to their departure destination

Around 5 Jet2 aircraft heading to Malaga and Alicante returned to the UK to their departure destination and later it was announced Jet2 had cancelled all its flights to Spain. This comes after speculation that Spain was going to announce total lockdown of the country to control the spreading of the virus.

Jet2 in a statement said “In response to local measures introduced throughout Spain to prevent the spread of COVID-19, including the closure of bars, restaurants, shops and activities including any water sports, we have taken the decision to cancel all flights to Mainland Spain, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands with immediate effect” as seen as below.

The travel ban and restrictions are having their effects on fellow airline, British Airways with their CEO Alex Cruz fearing job cuts and grounding of aircraft. Fellow airline Easyjet announced that they would be flying to Spain on their full schedule to ferry back the passengers and that from 17th March all flights would be suspended.


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