IcelandAir operates B767 to China

IcelandAir B757-300 landing at Toronto-Pearson

IcelandAir operates B767 to China. The airline is operating this as a cargo flight from Keflaivk to Shanghai and back. This flight should break the record for the longest IcelandAir flight. This is being done using a B767-300ER.

Flight details

IcelandAir operates B767 to China. The airline is operating a flight from Keflavik to Shanghai and back. It is set to bring around 17 tonnes of medical supply back to Iceland. IcelandAir is using its B767-300ER registered as TS-ISW named ‘Gullborg’ which is 22.5 years old for this flight.

IcelandAir operates B767 to China
IcelandAir B767-300ER flew from Keflavik to Shanghai for brining medical supplies back to China. Photo: Mark Harkin via Wikimediacommons

The flight is set to carry 11 crew members of which 6 are pilots, 3 are ramp agents and 2 are mechanics. Beside cargo being loaded in the belly, permission had been granted for keeping cargo in the cabin. The flight schedule is as follows

Schedule for IcelandAir Keflavik to Shanghai

Once the Aircraft lands in Iceland the medical supplies would be checked for their standards. Next week another flight might fly to China to pick up medical supplies.

IcelandAir Tail
IcelandAir had operated its longest flight till date covering 5,597miles beating its previous record of 4,204 to San-Francisco. Photo: IcelandAir

This is set to be the airlines longest flight with the previous record set for the longest flight was set on its flight to San-Francisco which covered 4,204 miles while this flight to China covers 5,597 miles one way.

Flight Operations

IcelandAir operations are affected due to the ongoing pandemic. The airline operates an all Boeing fleet of around 38 aircraft out of which there are 32 aircraft parked. The airline has announced it has reduced its summer schedule by 25%. It has also asked the bank and government for financial assistance to get through the crisis.

IcelandAir B737-MAX8
Grounding of its MAX-8 aircraft last year is adding to its financial woes. Photo:IcelandAir

The airline estimated a 54% decrease in passenger footfall and due to various travel bans and restrictions the airline is currently operating only 10% of its fleet. IcelandAir is set to operate to Boston on the 8th and 15th of April.

The government has said it has not stopped air services after 15th but the situation seems unclear. The airline will be operating to London, Boston , Stockholm and Alicante in the next few days as a repatriation flights.


Major airlines and countries are sending their aircraft to China to bring in medical supplies. IcelandAir adds to the growing list of airlines operating passenger aircraft for cargo services. There are reports of another flight flying to China in the coming weeks.

IcelandAir is a relatively small airline with an all Boeing fleet. Given the current circumstances in the industry it would be a challenge for the airline to get through this.

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