Iberia to fly to Australia

Iberia to fly to Australia

Iberia to fly to Australia. The Spanish national airline will fly to Sydney, Australia for the repatriation of its citizens from the country. The Spanish airline has been operating many repatriation flights as well as cargo flights to being back its citizens as well as essential cargo.

Iberia will fly to Sydney for the first time. This will also be the farthest the airline has travelled to. Fellow European airlines such as Austrian, Condor,KLM have all operated repatriation flights to Australia.


Flight details to Australia

Iberia will be flying to Sydney Australia to repatriate Spanish citizens as part of its global effort to bring its citizens back home. The Airline has been operating several repatriation flights to countries such as Japan, Morocco, Poland, Panama, Algeria and Dominican Republic in addition to cargo flights.

Iberia has an all Airbus fleet based in Madrid
Iberia has been operating several repatriation flight and is set to have brought 6,000 people in its first wave of repatriation flights. Photo: Iberia

Iberia will be flying from Sydney to Madrid with a stop at Bangkok. The flight schedule is as follows.

SYD-BKK16:1023:05April 30th
BKK-MAD00:509:45May 1st
Iberia repatriation flight to Sydney

The passengers are offered a special negotiated rate of €800 with additional tourist taxes. The consulate of Spain in Australia has also provided details of the connecting flights within Australia to Sydney. For the passengers to be eligible for the flight they will have to fill up a form after which the airline will contact them.

In this new wave of repatriation flights we will fly to such places as Manila, Bangkok, Sydney, and Cape Verde, where our Foreign Ministry regards it as necessary to bring Spaniards home,”

Iberia’s Sales Manager for Spain, Guillermo González Vallina. 

We think Iberia will operate its A350 aircraft. The airline has two A350 aircraft flying which are registered as EC-NBE and EC-NCX while the rest of them are grounded. Iberia’s A340-600 fleet has also been grounded. The airline has suspend many of its routes and has grounded several aircraft.

We don’t know if Iberia would fly the inbound aircraft directly to Sydney like how Austrian Airlines flew from Vienna directly, though it seems unlikely. If such is the case we will be seeing another record by an airline though not for the official record books. The great circle distance between the two is 17,767km.


Repatriation and cargo flights

Iberia has been operating many repatriation as well as cargo fights to transport passengers and essential supplies. The airline has bought close to 6,000 people in its first wave of repatriation flights in the last week of March and first week of April. It is set to bring another 2,000 people at the end of April.

Iberia A350 cargo flight to China
Iberia A350 flew from China to Madrid carrying 13 tons of medical equipment. Photo: Iberia

The airline is set to have operated around 30 special flights to 20 countries by the end of April. Iberia will make three repatriation flights to Argentina, one to Colombia, three to Peru and another one to Equatorial Guinea. The airline will also operate for the first time to Bangkok, Manila, Cape Verde, Santa Cruz de la Sierra.

Iberia has also transported around 70,000 passengers on scheduled flights throughout the globe before the pandemic alert was declared. These countries include US, Brazil, Cuba, Chile, Costa Rica.

These flights will also carry foreign nationals home. The airline has also been operating cargo only flights to China brining in medical supplies from Shanghai.



Much like many airlines Iberia will fly to Australia for the very first time. It will also be one of the airlines farthest destination covering around 17,767km from its hub at Madrid.

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