French bee operates world’s longest domestic flight

French bee operates world's longest domestic flight

French bee operates world’s longest domestic flight. The airline operated its flight from Papeete, Tahiti to Paris-Orly. This flight broke the previous record held by Air Tahiti Nui operating from Papeete to Paris Charles-de-Gaulle using its B787 aircraft which at that time was the longest domestic flight.

Flight details

French bee is the first airline in the world to operate using an all A350 aircraft fleet. The airline broke the record for operating the world’s longest domestic flight between Tahiti and France. Though they are thousands of kilometres apart Tahiti is part of the French territory and technically is considered a part of France.

French bee operates world's longest domestic flight
French bee broke the record for the longest domestic flight by flying from Papeete to Paris. Photo: French bee

The airline used its A350-900 aircraft registered as F-HREY. The aircraft departed Papeete at 10:51 local time on the 14th of May 2020 and arrived in Paris-Orly at 15:40 local time.

The total flight time was 16:49hrs to cover a distance of more than 16,129km. This broke the previous record for the longest domestic flight which was held by Air Tahiti Nui. The routes are operated with a stop at the East coast of US but currently due to the restrictions placed, airlines are forced to fly non-stop.

“We are pleased and proud to have been able to complete this record flight under these exceptional circumstances. We would also like to highlight the commitment of our pilots, all volunteers for these flights, and also all of our partners in Orly and Papeete. This record confirms the Dubreuil Group’s choice of a unique fleet of Airbus A350s. It is the most advanced aircraft in the world in terms of energy efficiency.”

Muriel Assouline, Managing Director of French bee had said in a statement

The flight when inbound from Paris made a stop at Pointe-a-Pierre before heading to Tahiti. The airline was carrying around 20 tons of cargo for the French Polynesia.


Aircraft details

French bee was the first airline to operate using a all A350 fleet. The aircraft used for this flight was an A350-900 registered as F-HREY and was delivered to the airline in July 2019.

The airline had said the flight was carried out under standard performance condition of the A350, flying with an average altitude of 12,500m with a speed of 940km.

The A350 aircraft is also economically beneficial as its fuel consumption is 25% less than other long haul aircraft.


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