Finnair operates its shortest A350 flight

Finnair A350-900

Finnair operates its shortest A350 flight. The airline today operated an A350-900 from its hub at Helsinki to Tallinn. It used the A350 passenger jet for cargo only purpose. The airline is operating cargo and repatriation flights to the US, Spain and Cuba. Finnair has grounded 58 of its 72 strong fleet.

Shortest Finnair A350 flight

Finnair operates its shortest A350 flight from its base at Helsinki to Tallinn in Estonia. The flight was a cargo only purpose flight carrying a belly full of cargo. The airline used an A350-900 registered as OH-LWL painted “Marimekko Kivet” special colours.

Finnair operates its shortest A350 flight
Finnair used this A350-900 registered as OH-LWL to fly to Tallinn from Helsinki. Photo: Aerowanderer

The flight departed Helsinki at 15:22 local time and after 21 minutes in the air it arrived at Tallinn at 15:43 local time. It reached a maximum FL of 130. The aircraft had arrived from Shanghai a few hours back. Finnair has announced it will be operating to Tallinn once a week from April 16th until May

Finnair A350-900 OH-LWI
Finnair operates a total of 15 A350-900 flying to 8 destinations. Photo: Aerowanderer

The airline recently operated its first cargo only flight from Helsinki to Seoul. This is also the first time a Finnair A350 aircraft has landed in Tallinn. The A350 is used for flying to Bangkok, Beijing, Hong Kong, London, Shanghai, Seoul, Singapore and Tokyo.

Shortest A350 flights

Singapore Airlines operates the worlds shortest commercial A350 flight. It operates from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur using its A350. It covers the 184 mile distance in around 30-40 minutes.

If today’s flight by Finnair will be taken for record, then this would officially be the worlds shortest A350 flight operated at just 21 minutes. Ironically Singapore Airlines also operates one of the worlds longest flights, around 19 hours from Singapore to New York using an Ultra-long version of the A350.


Everyday airlines are setting new records by venturing into destination they haven’t before or flying their aircraft to distances they haven’t before. We have already seen Air Tahiti Nui operate the longest domestic flight, Austrian Airlines fly to Sydney non-stop and many more.

Finnair just adds to this list by operating the world’s shortest A350 flight. We are sure there are many more records to be set and many more records to be broken.

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