Condor evacuates 800 passengers from Australia

Condor B767-300ER

Condor, a German Charter and a holiday airline has been flying globally operating repatriation flights just like its fellow country airline Lufthansa. In the last two weeks it has flown back around 67,000 passengers from all over the globe back to Germany. It has been flying to Cuba, Canary Islands, Sri Lanka, Honduras, Thailand and many more countries. It is now operating to Australia on a massive repatriation flight brining back close to 800 passengers. Its part of the largest repatriation operation in German history.

Condor’s Australian operation

Condor is set to operate a massive repartation operation from Australia by flying around 800 passengers back to Germany. It will be using 4xB767-300ER for these flights. The aircraft in operation are registered as D-ABUK, D-ABUL, D-ABUM, D-ABUT. They will be used to transport passengers stuck on a cruise ship named ‘Artania’.

Condor Crew at Australia

Crew of Condor at Perth, Australia with another Condor B767-300ER at the background. Photo: Condor

These flights would be operated to Perth with a stopover in Phuket, Thailand. the return flight to Frankfurt from Perth via Phuket will approximately take around 20 hours to be completed. It has set up a crew and aircraft base in Phuket to operate these flights. The passengers are checked for their heath before boarding the aircraft.

Condor B767-300ER at Phuket

A trio of B767-300ER Condor aircraft parked at Phuket. Photo: Condor

“The largest return flight in the history of the Federal Republic of Germany is also a tour de force for Condor. Almost all the aircraft are in the air to bring as many guests home as possible as quickly as possible. At this point, I would like to pay a big compliment and my greatest respect to the German Foreign Office, which is coordinating this return operation, the tour operators – and of course to the Condor teams on the ground and in the air,” says Ralf Teckentrup, CEO of Condor.

Cockpit view at Perth

View of fellow Condor aircraft D-ABUM in ‘Retro Livery’ upon arrival at Perth. Photo: Condor

The CEO also stated Condor will be operating more special flights in addition to its regular flight schedule to Seattle, Palma de Mallorca, Tenerife and Gran Canaria.

Other repatriation flights by Condor

Condor is part of the massive repatriation process organised buy the government to bring back thousands stranded abroad. They have setup a base in Phuket to make flight operations much easier for flights within Asia or to Australia. It has flown to Sri Lanka, Bali via Phuket, Nicaragua , Cuba , Seychelles and Mauritius. It has also flown special flights to Lanzarote, Las Palmas to Frankfurt and Fuerteventura to Dusseldorf.

Like most airlines operating these days, due to lack of travel demand airlines have started using their aircraft for repatriation and cargo services. Condor, a charter and a holiday airline based out of Germany uses wide-bodied aircraft to fly long haul and with setting up of base at Phuket it makes it easier for the airline to operate services which previously seemed not possible.







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