British Airways suspends operation from Gatwick

British Airways B787-8

British Airways has announced it will be suspending all flights to and from Gatwick Airport due to low travel demand. British Airways will still be running its Heathrow operations but on a limited scale. This is mainly due to the disruptions caused by coronavirus which has led to cancellation of hundreds of flights and suspension of operations.

Gatwick Operations

British Airways has suspended its Gatwick operations. This comes a day after EasyJet has grounded all its aircraft. The airline said it will carry out necessary operations such as maintenance, cleaning, towing etc, to keep it ready when operations restart. Reports stated that it is planning to close the North Terminal on April 1st. From Wednesday aircrafts will only be able to use the airport from 2pm to 10pm.

Gatwick Airport

Gatwick Airport is Europe’s second busiest Airport and handled 46 million passengers. Photo: Gatwick Airport

In a statement British Airways said “Due to the considerable restrictions and challenging market environment, like many other airlines we will temporarily suspend our flying schedule at Gatwick. We are contacting affected customers to discuss their options.” London Gatwick is UK’s second busiest Airport and had served 46 million passengers last year.

Heathrow Airport

British Airways has shifted its operations from Terminal-3 to Terminal-5 owing to increasing number of cancellation of flights due to low travel demand. Photo: Heathrow Airport

Gatwick CEO Stewart Wingate had said in a statement “Gatwick is a resilient but also responsible business and during these extraordinary times we need to take unprecedented measures to protect the health and wellbeing of our staff and passengers, while also shielding the business from the impact of Coronavirus.

London Gatwick Airport

London Gatwick will close one of its terminal and operate its runways under restrictions. Photo: Gatwick Airport

Recently British Airways CEO had warned of a crisis looming and that many flights would be grounded in a manner as never before. British Airways has already shifted its operations from Terminal-3 in Heathrow to Terminal-5.

Aviation crisis in UK

Airlines and airports are trimming down their operations each day as demand for travel is reducing following travel bans and restrictions imposed by governments. London City airport closed down its operations last week. EasyJet also announced they would be suspending all flights until further notice yesterday.


Easyjet has grounded all of its 331 strong fleet. Seen here are tails of EasyJet at Gatwick Airport. Photo: Easyjet

Virgin Atlantic one of UK’s largest long haul airline is asked the government for a bailout with the government saying bailout of airlines would be the last option and if so it would only be done after analysis. Repatriation flights are being operated to all over the world from UK. Most of the airlines here have suspended operations and have grounded their fleet with Flybe being the first casualty of the coronavirus.

UK has been no exception from the effects of coronavirus. Airlines are suspending operations, airports are closing down as demand for air travel has plummeted. Paris-Orly, the second biggest airport in Paris had announced closing down of operations on March 31st. Airlines and Airports are facing the heat and are resorting to the last option of shutting down to decrease the chances of financial instability.








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