British Airways flies A380s to French storage base

British Airways received its first A380-800 in September 2013

British Airways flies A380s to French Storage base. The airline is sending half its A380-800 fleet to France for storage. British Airways has 12 A380-800 in its fleet. It had already sent its B747s for storage in Spain last week.

This comes at a time when airlines all over the world are downsizing and retiring aircrafts which they deem are less economical and efficient than modern jets. KLM had retired their B747s last week and there are conflicting reports about Qantas retiring theirs.

British Airways A380s to be stored

British Airways flies A380s to French storage base. The aircraft is flying from London-Heathrow to Chateauroux in France for storage of its aircraft. The airline is set to store 6 aircrafts of its 12 strong fleet.

British Airways flies its A380s to French storage base
British Airways will send 6 of its 12 strong A380 fleet to France for storage. Photo: British Airways

British Airways flies A380s to French Storage base and would be sending its A380-800 aircrafts registered as G-XLEA,G-XLEC,G-XLEF,G-XLEI on Monday and G-XLEJ and G-XLEL on Tuesday. An A319 registered as G-EUPJ aircraft has also been sent to Chateauroux for bringing the crew back to London.

British Airways served 9 International destinations using the A380
British Airways is now storing its A380s following the storage of 5 B747s in Spain last week. Photo: British Airways

The airline received its first A380 in 2013 and began flying on September 24th, 2013 to Los Angeles. It primarily flew to Boston, Chicago, Johannesburg, Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Miami, San Francisco, Singapore and Vancouver.

Storing of its widebodies

This comes just a week after the airline had sent 5 of its B747-400 aircraft to Teruel, Spain for Storage. There are huge doubts whether these wide-bodied aircraft will return to service considering the current scenario in aviation.

British Airways B747-400 in its Landor livery
British Airways has stored several of its B747-400 including its iconic B747-400 in Landor livery which is currently stored in Bournemouth. Photo: British Airways

Airlines are speeding up the retirement or are in a process of storing wide-bodied aircrafts. This is mainly due to the low demand and high maintenance cost of these aircraft. Airlines such as Air France and Singapore Airlines have retired some of their A380.

British Airways has stored its aircraft in various places such as Heathrow, Gatwick, Cardiff, Glasgow, Bournemouth and Norwich within the country. We do not know what will happen to these A380s.


With the aviation industry getting affected the most by the coronavirus outbreak, airlines are now trying to adapt to measures that would help them survive the crisis. With respect to aircrafts the first measure is to ground or retire their oldest aircraft like how KLM has done.

We do not know what will happen to these A380s of British Airways. But with the current of airlines speeding up the retirement of their inefficient aircraft in comparison with the latest fuel efficient aircraft, all we can hope for it to see these wide bodies grace the sky for some more time.

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