British Airways Crisis- What we know so far

British Airways B787-9

British Airways, the flagship carrier of the UK has warned its staff against grounding of its aircraft and lay off of its Staff. British Airways has a fleet size of around 283 aircraft serving 183 destinations all over the world and has its hub in London-Heathrow and London-Gatwick.

What we know

In a memo sent to its staff titled “Survival of British Airways” its CEO Alex Cruz had said the airline is fighting for its survival and highlighted that job cuts would be short term or long term. Also in the memo was a message saying coronavirus was “a crisis of global proportion like no other we have known” and that the airline would be parking aircrafts in a way we have never seen. He also warned its employees that though the airline has a strong balance sheet and is financially resilient, not to underestimate the seriousness of this for our company.

Steps taken to ensure survival

The advantage British Airways has over its counterparts on the wake of the new ban imposed by US on European travel is that the ban as of now exempts UK from that list. On the wake of the crisis British Airways has cancelled all flights to and from Italy at least until April 4th due to the entire country being locked down and flights to China have been suspended until April 18th.

British Airways B777-200ER

British Airways is one among the many European airlines whose booking have plummeted owing to the current scenario in Aviation Photo:Aerowanderer

British Airways has also said regarding its cancellation policy that if we do cancel our flight we could avail vouchers for the same value. British Airways is part of the IAG (International Airlines group) which also owns Iberia, the flagship carrier of Spain. On Thursday fellow European Airline Norwegian had announced cancellation of around 4,000 flights and job cuts. This comes at a time in the Aviation Industry where airlines are battling for survival amidst growing travel bans, restrictions resulting in flight cancellation and grounding of aircraft.

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