Austrian Airlines to operate its longest flight ever

Austrian Airlines B777-200ER

Austrian Airlines is set to operate a repatriation flight from Vienna to Sydney to carry stranded citizens from Australia back to Europe. It is set to operate its flight using a B777 and would fly directly to Sydney. This flight is set to be the longest flight Austrian Airlines has operated in its 60 years of service.

Flight details

Austrian Airlines is set to operate its longest flight ever from Vienna to Sydney. The flight is flying as OS1 and is expected to cover a distance of 16,000Km in a duration of more than 17 hours. The aircraft used is a B777-200ER registered as OE-LPD named ‘Spirit of Austria’ painted in ‘my sound of Austria’ livery.

Austrian Airlines B777-200ER

Crew of Austrian Airlines flight OS1 which is set to fly from Vienna to Sydney. Photo: Austrian Airlines

The aircraft departed Vienna at 11:30 local time on March 29th and is set to arrive in Sydney the next day around 15:00 local time. It is set to fly back to Vienna with a stop at Penang. The flight crew flies to Sydney where after their rest period would be back in the air flying to Penang where a change of crew would take place.

How is this flight made possible ?

The aircraft Austrian Airlines is using is a B777-200ER which has a range of 13,084km. The distance the flight is covering now is over 16,000km. You might wonder how the airline would be able to make up an extra 3000km. This is made possible as there are no passengers on board except the flight crew which takes off most of the weight it carries and thus the range is increased. There is also no cargo weight.

Austrian Airlines B777 Vienna to Sydney

Austrian Airlines is set to take around 17 hours to cover the distance of around 16,000Km. Photo: Flightradar24

Since the aircraft would be flying with passengers on the return leg it would be making a stop at Penang where a crew change will also take place.This would be Austrian Airlines longest ever flight surpassing its pervious record of flying from Vienna to Los Angeles using a B777-200ER aircraft covering a distance of 9,877km in 12 hours and 30 minutes.

Other special flight during this time

There are many airlines and aircrafts which are operating special flight for repatriation purposes or for transportation of cargo. Recently Airbus had used its prototype A330-200 MRTT aircraft for transporting cargo from China to Europe. Lufthansa and Austrian had recently used their passenger aircraft for transporting cargo and for repatriation purposes.

Austrian Airlines B777 Cargo

Austrian Airlines had recently used its passenger aircraft for transportation of Cargo from China. Photo: Austrian Airlines

Airlines are also getting creative due to the various bans and travel restrictions in place. Qantas had changed its stopover from Singapore to Darwin for its flight to London as the former had placed travel restrictions. Air Tahiti Nui had operated the worlds longest flight from Papeete to Paris which now holds record for the longest commercial flight.

Airlines and aircrafts are flying to destinations they have never flown before and breaking all the records set in the history books. With the ongoing crisis we shouldn’t be surprised to see many more records being broken and many more new routes being flown. 








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