Austrian Airlines operates to New Zealand

Austrian Airlines operates to New Zealand

Austrian Airlines operates to New Zealand. This is the farthest the airline has gone from its hub at Vienna. This farther than last week’s flight to Sydney which had created the record for the longest non-stop flight by Austrian Airlines as well as the farthest it had gone.

This is part of of set of repatriation flights operated by the airline. The airline is part of the Lufthansa group which has flown more than 70,000 passengers who were stranded abroad.

Austrian in Kiwi land

Austrian Airlines operates to New Zealand. The airline flew from Vienna to Christchurch with a stopover at Kuala Lumpur. The aircraft used was a B777-200ER registered as OE-LPD which is 13 years old and has a capacity of 306 passengers and flew as OS1433. The schedule is as follows.

Vienna-Kuala Lumpur23:1023:3015:5516:3810:50
Kuala Lumpur – Christchurch09:0509:1023:1523:0509:27
Austrian Airlines OS1433

The airline made a stop at Kuala Lumpur overnight after arriving from Vienna. The departure to Christchurch was the next day and it completed the joinery in 09:27 hours. This was the farthest the airline had been. It had covered a total distance of 11,262 miles from its hub at Vienna.

Austrian Airlines B777-200ER OE-LPD
Austrian Airlines flew to Christchurch with a stop at Kuala Lumpur. Photo: Austrian Airlines

This is part of the Lufthansa group charter flight arranged by the German government. Lufthansa, Swiss, Condor have also been operating to New Zealand.

Austrian Airlines and Lufthansa at Christchurch
Austrian Airlines B777-200ER parked next to Lufthansa B747-400 at Christchurch. Photo: Austrian Airlines


Austrian Airlines has been flying globally on repatriation flights. It has brought around 6,000 people from abroad. It has also been operating Cargo flights using its passenger aircraft. During this time it had operated its longest non-stop flight from Vienna to Sydney covering 16,000km over 18 hours.

It’s hard not to believe new records would be set and old records will be broken. With more repatriation flights set to come don’t be surprised if you see unusual flights taking place.

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