Airbus uses A350-1000 test aircraft to China

A350-1000 F-WMIL

Airbus uses A350-1000 test aircraft to China. This aircraft was flown from Europe to China to bring in much needed medical essentials. Airlines all over the world are converting their passenger aircraft to carry cargo especially medical supplies. This is one of the many flights operated by Airbus using a variety of aircraft. Airbus is using its own crew and aircraft for transporting medical supplies between China and Europe.

Flight details

Airbus had used its A350-1000 test aircraft to China. This aircraft is a prototype of the model and is registered as F-WMIL and is 4 years old.

Airbus uses A350-1000 test flight to China
Flight map of A350-1000 flying from Toulouse to Tianjin to bring medical supplies. Photo: FlightRadar24

The aircraft departed Toulouse at 16:00 local time and arrived in Tianjin at 07:42 local time after completing the 09:41 hour duration flight. The A350-1000 then left Tianjin at 14:10 local time and reached Hamburg, another one of Airbus’s site at 17:43 local time after completing flight in a duration of 09:33 hours.

A350-1000 at Hamburg
A350-1000 unloading cargo after arriving from Tianjin at Hamburg. Photo: Airbus

The aircraft bought back 4 million masks to Europe for the Government and medical services.

Airbus Cargo flights

Airbus continues to operate flights to bring medical supplies to Europe from Asia. It operates flights mainly from its European bases to Tianjin where Airbus has a base in China.

It had recently operated an Airbus A330-200 MRTT also known as Multi Role Tanker transport from Getafe, Spain to Tianjin, China. Aboard the A330-200 MRTT were five pilots, one flight test engineer, two test flight engineers and two ground crew specialists.

Airbus had used its special A330-200MRTT for cargo transportation
Airbus had used its prototype A330-200MRTT for cargo transportation. Photo: Airbus

The aircraft transported around 4 million masks and medical supply which were donated to governments in Europe. Earlier, an A330-800 aircraft bought with itself 2 million masks from China to Toulouse after which an A400 flew to Toulouse to pick up thousands of these for transfer to Getafe.

Cargo being loaded into A330-800 in China
Airbus had sent its A330-800 aircraft to China to pick up medical supplies for Europe. Photo: Airbus


Airbus has been operating a variety of aircrafts such as A330-800, A350-1000, A330-200MRTT for transportation of medical supplies. This is to keep the supply of medicines and medical equipment running in Europe.

Being one of the largest aircraft manufacture, it is doing what it can by contributing to the global supply chain of medical equipment running.

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