Airbus introduces e-delivery of aircraft

Airbus A320Neo

Airbus introduces e-delivery of aircraft. This is a new system adapted by the aircraft manufacturer to combat effects of coronavirus on its aircraft deliveries. Due to the pandemic operations are affected. This system adapted by Airbus provides continuous delivery of Aircraft.

Airlines and Aircraft manufacturers are getting innovate about their working system as a result of coronavirus. The aircraft manufacturer had delivered its first set of aircraft to Pegasus Airlines of Turkey using this new delivery system.


New beginnings

The first customer to receive its aircraft through e-delivery system was Pegasus Airlines whose 3xA320 Neo family aircraft were delivered. Airbus has noted many airlines are set to follow this system.

Airbus introduces e-delivery of aircraft
Pegasus Airlines took e-delivery of its first A321-251N aircraft. Photo: Airbus

This is to ensure that customers as well as its staff operate in the safest manner possible. There are 3 stages in this delivery system.

Technical acceptance completion

This is the stage where the buyer inspects the aircraft which involves all ground checks, acceptance test flight, documentation and if necessary any physical changes and gives a go ahead when the physical and tech specs are satisfied. Through this new system the airline can delegate the process to Airbus or can assign a third party to perform the task.


TOT-Transfer of title

This process involved paperwork and documentation. In order to ease the process the aircraft manufacturer has introduced an ‘e-sales contracts’ platform which will enable Airbus as well as the buyer to work virtually.

This process involved paperless drafting, starting with delivery documents upto digital signature of the buyer for transfer of title. This process eliminates the physical presence of the buyer.

This additionally saves up expenses which would be used for transportation and logistics of the personal of the buyer.

Ferry flight

This is the part of the process where the buyer takes official delivery of the aircraft from Airbus. The customer can send initiate their own crew to operate the flight or could assign a third party to do that. The sanitised aircraft is then taken back to the customer’s base.

A350-1000 F-WMIL

Airbus uses A350-1000 test aircraft to China

Airbus had used its A350-1000 test flight for transportation of cargo from China to Europe. Airbus had used its other aircrafts such as A330-800, A330-200MRTT and A400M

Future of aircraft delivery

The aviation industry as whole including airlines, aircraft manufacturers are changing their working system to accommodate the changes brought in by coronavirus. Emirates has increased its safety precautions which includes methods such as leaving the middle seat empty.

A350-1000 F-WMIL
Airbus is looking to make the e-delivery system its blueprint for future deliveries. Photo: Airbus

Though aircraft manufacturing involves physical presence, Airbus is trying to eliminate unnecessary physical contacts. Airbus suggests this system is quick, paperless and more environment friendly.

It also offers smooth customer experience without the buying party being physically present at the factory. The airline manufacturer says this could be the future blueprint for aircraft deliveries.



The system Airbus is adapting now might set precedence for the future. Aircraft manufactures and Airlines are looking for innovative ways to carry out their operations. Through e-delivery system, we might see it replace the traditional system in the near future.

Though as an industry we are technology dependant, the pandemic now is speeding up our dependancy on technology to a much greater extent than we expected.

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