Airbus flies special aircraft to deliver cargo

Airbus had used its special A330-200MRTT for cargo transportation

Airbus has added to the list of airlines providing cargo service to transport essential goods between countries. Due to global demand for medical supplies Airlines have now started using their passenger aircraft to transport cargo. Recently we had written about how Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines were using their passenger aircraft for transporting cargo.

What is Airbus A330-200MRTT ?

Airbus A330-200 MRTT is also known as Multi Role Tanker Transport. It is commonly used by the Air Force and currently there are 42 in number. It is an aerial refuelling tanker aircraft fitted on the A330. It has a dual role of air to air refuelling as well as a cargo transporter.

Royal Australian Air Force KC-30 A39-002

This aircraft has a dual purpose of Mid-air refuelling as well as for cargo transportation.      Photo: Christian Turner via Wikimedia commons

Around 380 passengers can be carried in a single class. The A330-200 are flown in from the final assembly line in Toulouse to Getafe in Spain where Airbus has its Military conversion centre where it is converted.

Flight details

Airbus has used its prototype aircraft A330-200 MRTT also known as Multi Role Tanker Transport for transporting cargo from China to Spain. The aircraft was registered EC-338. The flight departed from the Airbus site at Getafe and headed to Tianjin in China on the 27th March. The aircraft was operated by an all Airbus crew.

Airbus A330-200MRTT

Airbus A330-200 MRTT brining in boxes of medical surgical masks for use in Europe. Photo: Airbus

The aircraft then left Tianjin on the same day at 11:22PM and arrived in Spain the next morning at 04:05AM. The cargo contained 4 million facemarks which are to be transported to France, Germany and Spain. Airbus had already sent their A330-800 from Europe to China A400M aircraft to donate thousands of face masks to hospitals and public services around Europe.

Another set of cargo delivered to Spain

Air Europa had also flown its aircraft to Shenzhen to transport Cargo from China to Spain. The aircraft used was a B787-8 registered as EC-MMX and was flown with the flight number UX459 and arrived with the cargo at 23:50 with medical equipment.

Airbus along with other airlines is adding to the list of organisations aiding to the global supply. This is the third aircraft Airbus has used for transporting medical supplies. In a time when countries are in need for essential medical equipment, the big global players in aviation are stepping up for the aid of essentials. 

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