What’s the difference between A320 NEO and CEO ?

Vistara A320-251N registred as VT-TNJ at Chennai

If there are two names in aviation which is known worldwide, its Airbus and Boeing. These both have produced the most successful narrow body aircraft in the B737 and A320. Till date there have been 9,273 aircrafts built with 8,814 operational with 330 operators. EasyJet is the largest operator of the A320 variant with 329 aircrafts in its fleet. A fact is an A320 takes off or lands every 1.6 seconds.

What is A320 CEO ?

CEO also known as current engine option. It is powered with two types of engines in CFM56 or IAE V2500 engine. The A320 CEO was launched in March 1984 and was introduced by Air France in April 1988. Its 123 feet long and can carry anywhere from 150 to 186 passengers. In September 2019 the 9000th A320 family aircraft was delivered to Easyjet.

Vistara A320-200 landing at Chennai International Airport

Vistara A320-200 moments before landing at Chennai International Airport.       Photo : Aerowanderer

A total of about 191 A320 CEO’s operate in India with Air India having 9, Go Air operating 15, Indigo being the largest operator with 124, Vistara with 13 and AirAsia India with 30.

What is A320 NEO ?

NEO is also known as new engine option. It was launched on 1st December 2010 and made its first flight on 25th September 2014. Lufthansa was the launch customer. It is powered with two types of engines in CFMI LEAP engine and P & W PW1000G engine. It is set to be 15-20% more fuel efficient than the CEO variant. It can carry165- 195 passengers.

Air India A320-251N registered as VT-EXL landing at Chennai

Air India A320-251N registered as VT-EXL short finals to Chennai International Airport    Photo: Aerowanderer

There are a total of 184 NEO aircrafts operated by 4 different airlines with Air India having 27, Go Air with 42, IndiGo being the largest operator of Neo worldwide with 96 and Vistara with 13 being operational.

What’s the difference between NEO and CEO ?

The main difference between Neo and Ceo is that the new engine option burns 16% lesser fuel than the old variant. The engine diameter is also visibly larger than the old variant. The A320 CEO has a maximum range of 6100km while the Neo has a maximum range of 6500km.

There are also improvements in maximum takeoff weight, cabin configuration have also improved to enable more range and payload. The neo engines are also less nosier than the CEO engines.

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