Vietjet to offer COVID-19 insurance

Vietjet A320

The airlines over the world are scrambling up different ways to get their aircrafts flying and keep their company afloat at a time where survival and not profitability has become the norm of operation for the players in the industry. Air Tahiti recently flew direct from Papeete to Paris without its usual stop in Los Angeles because US had put down restrictions which would prevent the airline from operating the LAX-CDG leg.


Vietjet has announced it would offer “COVID-19” insurance to all its passengers. Photo: Vietjet

Similarly as written by us yesterday, Qantas is using Darwin as a fuel stop for its flight from Sydney to London as Singapore has imposed a travel ban on transit passengers and short term visits. But Vietnam’s second biggest airline Vietjet has thought of a different way to get their customers onboard.

What is it ?

Vietjet are offering what is called COVID-19 “SKY COVID CARE” insurance for all the passengers flying on Vietjet on domestic routes between March 23rd and June 30th. The airline has said that the insurance coverage will range from 20,000,000 VND to 200,000,000 VND.

It has stated that all its passengers would be eligible for this cover if they contract the virus within 30 days of travel with the airline. Vietjet are an airline known for their controversial yearly calendar and are known as “bikini airline”.

Will this move be effective ?

Vietnam has already banned all inbound international flights.Vietjet has only been operating domestic flights. With the current trend of nations going in for lockdowns forcing airlines to suspend their operations it is a matter of time the other nations also fallĀ in line.

Vietjet A320-200

Vietjet has a fleet of A320 and A321 and operates around 400 flights daily. They paint their aircraft in bright colours of yellow and red representing their country flag. Photo: Vietjet

Vietjet has suspended its overseas operation. At the time of publication Vietnam had 117 active cases with zero deaths, which on terms with other nations is considered doing pretty well.

Irrespective of whether it would be effective or not we would have to wait and see whether passengers are willing to take up to the sky in a time where there are intense travel bans forcing airlines to suspend operations.





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