Singapore Airlines returns to Changi midway flying to Chennai

Singapore Airlines B787-10 9V-SCA

Singapore Airlines returns to Changi midway flying to Chennai. Singapore Airlines has been of the oldest international airlines to operate to Chennai. They had been operating a daily flight using their A330-300 until last year before the pandemic struck. They were planning to upgrade the equipment to a Boeing B787-10. Since the pandemic they have been operating cargo only flight using their B787-10 to Chennai. Recently on one of their routine flight to Chennai, the aircraft retuned halfway to Singapore.


Singapore Airlines returns midway to Changi

Singapore Airlines operates a daily cargo flight to Chennai using their B787-10 under the flight no SQ8028. On 6/7/21 the airline operated the flight using their B787-10 registered as 9V-SCM. The aircraft is a fairly new aircraft with an age of 2 years.

Singapore Airlines B787-10 9V-SCE
One of Singapore Airlines B787-10 out of the 15 in their fleet. This one is registered as 9V-SCE. Photo: Aerowanderer

The aircraft departed Singapore Changi at 20:24 local time. The journey to Chennai usually takes around 03:30 hours and would arrive at Chennai around 21:30 local time. The aircraft departed using runway 20R and reached its cruising altitude of 40,000 feet 30 mins into the flight. It was heading on 297° and was 01:38 hrs into the flight when it made a right turn and started heading towards Singapore.

SQ8028 Singapore Airlines B787-10 9V-SCM
This was the flight path taken by SQ8028 from Singapore to Chennai which turned back to Singapore midway
Image Courtesy: Flightradar24

The aircraft was maintaining 41,000 feet until descending to Singapore. The B787-10 landed at Singapore using runway 02R around 01:50 mins after turning midway through its flight to Chennai around midnight.

When contacted Singapore Airlines, they issued an official statement through their spokesperson.

Singapore Airlines flight SQ8028 operating from Singapore to Chennai on 6 July returned to Singapore due to a suspected electrical fault after departure. The aircraft, which carried only cargo and pilots with no passengers, arrived back in Singapore at 0024hrs on 7 July. Following an aircraft change, the flight departed Singapore at 0200hrs and arrived in Chennai at 0316hrs. It was originally scheduled to arrive in Chennai at 2200hrs on 6 July. All times local.


Replacement aircraft

Owing to the technical problem, the aircraft was changed. The new aircraft was again the B787-10 registered as 9V-SCG. This aircraft was delivered to the airline in October 2018 and is close to being 3 years old.

The replacement aircraft departed Changi at 02:16 local time and arrived in Chennai at 03:11 local time after a journey of 03:25 hrs. After a turnaround time at the ground of 01:30 hrs, it departed back to Singapore as SQ8029.

The aircraft which was replaced, 9V-SCM is now up in the air after the 6th July incident and flew a passenger flight to Tokyo from Singapore on 9th July just a few days later.

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