Oman Air to suspend all its flights

Oman Air B787-9

Oman Air, the national airline of Oman has announced suspension of its flights from its capital Muscat. It operates a fleet of 53 aircrafts in B737, B787 and A330s and serves 54 destinations.

What happened ?

In a statement Oman Air had said it would be suspending all flights starting from 12 pm on the 29th March, 2020. It also added that Oman Air domestic flights to and from the Musandam Governorate will continue. Oman Air’s cargo operations will continue and will not be affected.

Oman Air B737-800

Oman Air is next in line after Emirates, Etihad, FlyDubai and Air Arabia had all suspended flights yesterday.  Photo: Aerowanderer

Its CEO Abdulaziz Al Raisi has said ” This is a temporary suspension of our passenger services. We regret the difficulty and inconvenience this may cause, but it’s vital for us as the national carrier of the Sultanate of Oman to assist in the country’s effort to combat the spread of COVID-19″. He also added  “We will prioritize the needs of our guests and employees as we continue to assess the evolving situation. This is an unprecedented time for our industry, but I am confident we will emerge stronger from this crisis as we had successfully done so in the past.”

Oman Air B737

Oman Air has a fleet of 53 aircraft and serves 54 destinations. Photo: Aerowanderer

This move comes after Oman on March 17th had banned all entry of foreigners except those from the Gulf countries. It had said then that only its own citizens can enter and leave the county.

Following other Gulf carriers

This move comes after other big Gulf players such as Emirates and Etihad had announced suspension of their flights yesterday. Though a move like this comes at a very high expense, it is coming at a time when travel demand is as low as it has ever been and all the countries are implementing lockdown measures to control the spread of the virus.





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