Emirates helps maintain food supply in UAE

Emirates is using its B777-300ER and B777F for food supply to UAE

Emirates helps maintain food supply in UAE. The Dubai based airline has been flying all over the world carrying out cargo operations. It even made news recently carrying the most cargo on a passenger B777 aircraft.

Emirates has grounded most of its aircraft owing to global travel restrictions. The airline is using its passenger aircraft namely the B777-300ER and its B777 freighter aircraft for cargo operations.


Bringing food and essentials to UAE

Emirates is playing a major role in bringing food and essential supplies into the country which mostly relies on imported good for food and essentials.

Emirates SkyCargo breaks world record in Karachi
Emirates SkyCargo B777F loading cargo

The airline imported more than 34,000 tons of food into the country between January and April 2020. Out of these around 13,000 tons were imported between March and April. In the month of April it had bought in food supplies from 35 countries.

‚ÄúDespite the severe reduction in the number of flights we operate and the resultant reduction in the amount of cargo capacity we can work with, we have given top importance to maintain food supplies in the UAE as we consider this our responsibility”.

Nabil Sultan, the Divisional Senior Vice President of Emirates, Cargo

Sky Cargo global operations

The imports have mainly arrived from Australia, Egypt, India, Kenya and Pakistan. Emirates SkyCargo is currently operating flights to over 60 countries on a scheduled as well as charter and ad hoc services.

The airline ensures that the perishable goods it carries remains fresh. Some of the food imports Emirates has carried out are as below.

  • More than 5,200 tonnes of food from Australia including chilled meat and fruits such as grapes and melons
  • Close to 2,500 tonnes of food from Egypt including fresh fruits such as strawberries, guavas and vegetables including sweet potatoes
  • More than 4,000 tonnes of food from India including fresh vegetables and fruits
  • More than 2,500 tonnes of food from Kenya including fresh fruits such as pineapples and mangoes and meat
  • Close to 1,600 tonnes of salmon from Norway
  • Over 4,500 tonnes of food from Pakistan including chilled meat, fish and vegetables

At a time when economies are struggling the airline is helping local traders and local economies during this time.

The airline says the export revenue it generates due to the trade of fruits and vegetables, sea food supports the livelihood of the locals.


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