Druk Air operates ATR42 to Chennai for the first time

Druk Air ATR42-600

Druk Air operates ATR42 to Chennai for the first time. Druk Air, is a Bhutan based airline operating out of its base at the country’s capital, Paro. This is the first time that the airline has operated its ATR aircraft to Chennai. Druk Air had previously operated twice using their Airbus aircraft for repatriation of their citizens back to Bhutan. The airline is not a scheduled operator at Chennai.


Druk Air ATR operations in Chennai

Paro – Chennai

Druk Air operated their ATR42-600 aircraft for the first time to Chennai on 24th May 2021. The airline operates a very thin fleet of 3xA319, 1xA320 and 1xATR42. This ATR42-600 aircraft which was operated to Chennai is registered as A5-JNW and is the only aircraft of the type in its fleet. This aircraft was delivered to the airline on October 2019.

Druk Air ATR42-600
Druk Air ATR42-600 registered as A6-JNW landing at Chennai from Paro. Photo by Aerowanderer

The aircraft departed Paro at 06:08 local time as KB270. It used runway 15 for departure from Paro. The duration of the flight from Paro to Chennai was 03:53hrs. It landed in Chennai using runway 25 and was parked at bay 43 at the apron opposite the international terminal.

Chennai – Paro

The aircraft after 02:00 hours on the ground departed Chennai using runway 25 as KB271 too Paro. Total duration of the journey mounted to 04:27 hrs and landed at Paro using runway 15 at 16:24 local time. The increase in the flight duration on the outbound journey might have been influenced by wind, wind direction, load and aircraft speed.


Other times Druk Air has operated to Chennai

This was not thr first time Druk Air operated to Chennai. The airline operated to Chennai for the first time last year on 10th April 2020 using their A320-251N registered as A5-JKW. This was a repatriation flight operating Paro-Delhi-Colombo-Chennai-Paro route. The picture seen below was taken during their departure from Chennai heading to Paro.

Druk Air A320-251N A5-JKW
Seen here is Druk Air A320-251N departing Chennai heading to Paro. Photo by Aerowanderer

The second time the airline operated to Chennai was on 3rd July 2020. It operated a repatriation flight from Paro using their A319-100 registered as A5-JSW. The aircraft then headed to Delhi from Chennai. Seen below is its arrival into Chennai from Paro.

Druk Air A319
Druk Air A319 arriving into Chennai from Paro. Photo by Aerowanderer

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