Cathay Pacific aircraft collide at Hong Kong

Cathay Pacific A350-900 B-LRA

Cathay Pacific aircraft collide at Hong Kong. The aircraft that collided are an A350 and B777 of Cathay Pacific. The airline has grounded most of its fleet at Hong Kong International Airport. This comes days after a similar incident with Emirates and British Airways took place in Dubai.

Collision of two Cathay aircraft

The two Cathay Pacific aircraft which collided were an A350 and a B777-300ER. According to images circulation on social media the left horizontal stabiliser of the B777 aircraft is damaged and the right winglet of the A350 aircraft is damaged.

Cathay Pacific aircraft collide at Hong Kong
The right winglet of the aircraft was damaged during the incident. Photo: JournoDannyAero
Cathay Pacific aircraft collide at Hong Kong
The left horizontal stabiliser of the aircraft was damaged. Photo: JournoDannyAero

No passenger is set to have been hurt during this incident. The B777-300ER aircraft had flown to Hong Kong from Sydney on the 13th of April. The registration of the B777-300ER aircraft is B-KPD and the registration of the A350 is unknown.

The incident had occurred around 12:30 local time. Investigation is underway to probe the incident.


Aircraft details

The aircraft involved in the incident is an A350 and B777-300ER. The B777-300ER is registered as B-KPD. The aircraft was delivered to Cathay in November 2007. The registration of the airbus aircraft is not known.

Cathay Pacific fleet grounded
Around two thirds of Cathay Pacific fleet is grounded at Hong Kong International Airport. Photo: South China Morning Post

Cathay Pacific is operating 36xA350 of which 19 are in service and 17 have been parked. Out of the 68xB777 aircraft, only 10 are in service with the rest of the aircraft parked. In total around 97 aircraft of Cathay Pacific is grounded with around 50 aircraft being operational.



With just days after hearing a ground collision of a British Airways aircraft and an Emirates at Dubai, we come to know of another similar incident in Hong Kong. With every airline grounding its aircraft due to suspension of services, airports are getting filled up. Incidents like these are the last thing that an airline need at the moment.

With financial burden to cope with resulting from suspension of scheduled flights, this adds to more unnecessary financial burden on the airline. We don’t know the time frame it would take for these aircraft to be repaired.

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