ANA set to operate repatriation flights to India

ANA B787-8 JA827A arriving from Tokyo-Narita to Chennai

ANA set to operate repatriation flights to India. It is set to fly to Mumbai and Chennai. The airline is already operating repatriation flights to its capital New Delhi along with national airline Japan Airlines.

The Indian government had imposed a ban on international airlines on 22nd March and a few days later imposed a blanket ban on Air travel in the country which shut down all commercial operations in the country. ANA has suspended its operations in India until May 31st 2020.


Rescue flights to India

ANA set to operate repatriation flights to India. The airline is set to operate 3 special flights from Chennai and Mumbai. Passengers who wish to return to Japan can book tickets on these flights. The airline is already operating repatriation flights from New Delhi along with Japan Airlines. Due to the ban on commercial flights in India, only rescue and cargo flights can operate.

ANA schedule for India
ANA is set to suspend operations to India and operate repatriation flights to Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai Source: All Nippon Airways

`ANA had recently started flights from Chennai. The inaugural flight took place in November. The airline was operating three times weekly using either a B787-8 or a B787-9. That was the first time a Japanese airline had connected Chennai with Singapore. This enabled easier travel to Japan instead of taking a transit flight either at Singapore, Kuala Lumpur, Bangkok or Hong Kong.


ANA has said it will extend the suspension of its operations till the end of May on all the three routes. The reason behind this is due to tight restrictions and the travel ban imposed in India and the uncertainty of when it will be revoked.

The Japanese airline will newly cancel a total of 180 flights on the routes connecting Japan with Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai between April 25 and May 31. The airline has said it will continue to closely monitor the situation and will take appropriate action when needed.

Future of ANA in India

ANA has suspended operations in India until the 31st of May. The airline has not announced when it would re instate its flights to India as there is uncertainly as to when commercial operations will begin in India.

ANA set to operate repatriation flights to India
ANA has slashed 90% of its international flights and 20% of its domestic operations. Photo: All Nippon Airways

The airline is also facing financial troubles much like all the airlines on a global level. The airline is seeking $2.79 billion in finance to overcome the travel slump. Due to the low demand for travel and restrictions in place throughout the world airlines are forced to cut down operations.

The airline has slashed 90% of its international operations and 20% of its domestic operations. Its hard to predict how operations of ANA will be affected in India given the fluid circumstances.


India is home to a lot of Business travellers from Japan and it also provides a good connectivity for Indians to travel to the US. Its latest destination in Chennai was met with a lot of optimism as the south is a hub of business importance.


ANA had started expanding into India by recently starting its service to Chennai. The airline serves 3 destinations in India. Owing to the recent crisis the airline was forced to cut down on operations and in addition to it, India had imposed a travel ban.

The situation in India on commencement of commercial operations remain uncertain which has prompted the airline to push the suspension further to May.

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