Boeing- Temporary shutdown due to acceleration of coronavirus

Boeing Building

Boeing now has announced suspension of production at its Puget Sound Area facilities complementing the state of emergency in Washington D.C. Boeing has said in a statement that it would reduce operations slowly and suspension would begin on Wednesday, 25th of March. The suspension of operations would last 14 days.

During this time deep cleaning activities would take place at sites which are considered impacted. The company’s CEO Dave Calhoun had said in a statement “”We continue to work closely with public health officials, and we’re in contact with our customers, suppliers and other stakeholders who are affected by this temporary suspension. We regret the difficulty this will cause them, as well as our employees, but it’s vital to maintain health and safety for all those who support our products and services, and to assist in the national effort to combat the spread of COVID-19.” He also added “This is an unprecedented time for organisations and communities across the globe.”

Boeing Employees

With regard to this suspension those who can work from home will continue to do so and those who cannot will receive a paid leave for 10 days. The number of employees in the Puget Sound Area is close to 70,000. This suspension of production comes a day after a Boeing worker had died.

Boeing B777X

One of the recent highlights of Boeing, the rollout of its B777X.    Photo: Boeing

The company is said to have 29 cases of coronavirus of which 24 of them are from the Puget Sound region facility. The Boeing employee who had passed away was a flight line inspector who was working at the Everett Factory. The company has said 29 cases of coronavirus has been confirmed with 24 from Puget Sound area. The factory at Renton was already closed due to the grounding of the MAX aircraft.

More woes for Boeing

Since the two crashes of B737-MAX8 aircraft took place, it has been an uphill battle for Boeing to climb over the MAX issues. Financial experts have estimated the cost of the crisis of the MAX aircraft to be over $20 billion and counting as there have been no deliveries of aircraft for over a year and future delivers of aircraft also seem to hang in the balance as the coronavirus is now threatening the survival of airlines. Adding to this is the coronavirus which has been turning the aviation industry upside down. It has already started suspending production which would add to its mounting loss and debt. It is already on the brink of a shutdown and has asked for a government bailout of over $60 billion.








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