Air Canada Repatriation flight

Air Canada B787-9

Air Canada is the largest airline in Canada and serves about 220 destinations in 6 continents. Air Canada had announced on its collaboration with the Canadian government to bring back stranded Canadians in Morocco by operating three flights to the country of which two have been completed. As per reports Air Canada had brought back about 200,000 Canadians back home. It isn’t planning on stopping here as it is set to operate more repatriation flights.

Moroccan Repatriation

Air Canada had announced it would operate 3 repatriation flights to Morocco from Canada using wide-bodied B777-300ER to bring back its stranded citizens on the 21st, 23rd and the 25th of March of which two of its flights have been completed. There were a total of the 444 passengers who flew on its first flight.

Air Canada it its statement had said “It is important for those travelling to be reminded that only Canadian citizens, permanent residents and members of their immediate family holding a valid travel document will be permitted to board these flights to Canada.” It also added that the passengers would undergo a health screening prior to boarding the aircraft with any passenger showing symptoms of COVID-19 being denied boarding. It also added that all the passengers will undergo a period of 14 day self isolation.

Air Canada set to operate more special flights

Air Canada had announced yesterday that it would operate 6 more flights to Peru, Spain and Ecuador to bring back its citizens home.


Air Canada is set to operate as series of repatriation flights to bring back its citizens.              Photo: Air Canada

Peru- Air Canada will operate 3 flights from Toronto to Lima starting 24th March which will also take Peruvians back home. The other two flights will be operated on the 26th and the 27th of the same month. The aircraft to be used is a B777.

Ecuador- Quito will be served from Toronto on the 25th of March using an Air Canada Rouge B767 aircraft which has a capacity of 281 passengers.

Spain- On March 25th, Barcelona to Montreal flight would be operated using a B787 with a capacity of 297 passengers.

To be able to travel on these repatriation flights, citizens living abroad must register with Global Affairs Canada and the airline also advises strongly to get in touch with the local Canadian Embassy. Its CEO Calin Rovinescu said. “In the last week alone, we have brought more than 200,000 people back to Canada and we plan to keep operating flights to the end of March and beyond so Canadians continue to have a way home.” He also added that “Our priority at this time is to ensure that we can repatriate as many people as possible.”

Job cuts to cover losses

Air Canada is set to lay off around 5000 employees due to lower demand of passengers leading the airline to cut routes. Its low-cost arm of Rogue is also set to lay off 3600 employees plus 1,549 flight attendants. These layoffs are set to take place by April. The airline has said that its employees will return once scheduled flight operations begin.

Air Canada has said it would trim down its operations by March 31st and would operate to a limited number of trans border and international flights from selected cities starting from April 1st to continue essential travel and that goods and essential supplies are transported without any hassle.


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